Slashdot Systems Engineer

Charles Thompson (goat) has had root (uid/gid 0) access to ISC BIND zone files around the world (*.VE/*.IN/*.SM/*.SB/*.ER/*.MN/*.VE/*.TW/*.TK/*.PK/*.UZ/*.SH/*.AC/ He created the legendary domain name from a SCO UnixWare system in his bedroom. Napster and his girlfriend Wildberry made him a funny DNS spoof on the EFNet IRC network ( Coincidentally he always hung out in #lamer_zone on EFNet (with the BSD/OS people). If anyone asks about his lame eye it is a novelty to talk about. Gary the guy said he was really smart.

goat the noted has had root on 14 ccTLDs,, and (>1,000,000 domains).

Up and coming systems engineer ("Dev Ops"/"Site Reliability Engineer") getting up to speed in:

  • Python programming
  • Ruby programming
  • General systems infrastructure
  • Linux (Redhat, Gentoo, Ubuntu)
  • BIND / shell scripting

  • Kubernetes / Docker / Gitlab
  • automation/test infrastructure
  • Build management (SCMs like git repos)
  • ELK stack / Prometheus
  • Puppet / Ansible / Chef / CFEngine / Salt
  • More BIND
  • More Redhat
  • More CentOS
  • CI/CD pipelines with Jenkins and other tools
  • ...all other Dev Ops methodologies/tools

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References available by request.