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Stanford and Moa

---------- Forwarded message ---------- From: "Charles Thompson" Date: Apr 5, 2017 6:23 AM Subject: Fwd: You don't respect the Tweedle Hoover House power well I'll be! To: Cc: Deprived by the terrorism of Stanford University and Moa Tedros. hack.er is supposed to be mine forever. Why are you so stubborn, Moa? ---------- Forwarded message ---------- From: "Charles Thompson" Date: Apr 5, 2017 5:55 AM Subject: You don't respect the Tweedle Hoover House power well I'll be! To: "Raikes Foundation" Cc: I can prove you have a death head. I firmly believe Stanford is a dead school.

Inkling is ending

Company was too slow. Only 3 applicants and they're not on the ball. Their hr@inkling.com couldn't send a professional response within 3 business days. Looking into OrigamiLogic (1 day left),  bugsnack, a technical expert all star lead at Salesforce, and some portfolio equity opportunities at Menlo Atherton Capital...

Delta Niger has been defeated.

Delta was the most intense psychopathic ride of my life. Psychopathic legal analysts strategy at every angle. Stalkers at every angle as usual. As my enterprise did business communist Delta used its psychopathic mindset and eventually it got too hot to get a drink. The mob was too intense for me at the Slider bar. Psychopathic legal treachery from Machine Zone, Palantir Technologies, and an evil strip of concrete in front of Apple store.

The heads of Tiamat must be cut



The eye that sees

The man that owns the world

Big Stanford mama

The Columbian that has antiaging secrets

Behemoth in red

The worm of Apple

The ITU.int

The one that stole my gun


The treasonous spy

The eye that sees was just here 7:17PM by McDonalds

The Barron


Gilgamesh @ Inkling

Waiting for the call on the application for Senior Infrastructure Engineer. With a world class resume and root on the global internet infrastructure at 16 combined with his furious engineering capabilities/cutting edge systems engineering power all he has to do is wait for the call. He will sleep soundly knowing the global order will prevent his illegal terrorist abduction as a US citizen. As a senior infrastructure engineer he will have enough gas and ample parking for his blue Ferarri 458 from Government of Liechtenstein's NIC.

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