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Zyprexa Protection Agent

I am gonna take my meds like a good boy and not get diabetes in this illegal attempted murder scheme. Is it or will they back off and not coerce a non-disabled person into taking j-cat medication. They made me a damn j-cat for having depression. it isn't even a mental disorder. Assholes. At least Google will hire me. They love j-cats. Original background! Claimed. Thanks and no thanks.

Illuminati gets me into Stanford man and pharmakeia. Ayasdi wakes up

We own the world man. Ayasdi wakes up. Accepted man. Yeah




Suddenly they become aware and call me. Yeah man! They know my number. Ask for my resume and yeah man equity bonus man yeah pharmakeia! We've been there since the beginning of time. Early shamans. Yeah man Hoover house. I beat you Stanford. Over and out!

Yeah EURO Trilateralist man yeah!Yeah MAN Ayasdi Cure! AyasdiCare!YEAHmanIcandoanyth1n6IputMyMindTo.CancerCanBeCuR3ZD.StakeholderValueWillIncrease.$53,000,000indebtHuh.ManHiremeAlreadytiredoFTheCityDrinker

Stanford disrespects the Vatican

Pictured above: Goat waits for his Alfa Romeo Giulia and his ticket to Tejadaville (Atherton). Stanford University is in his palm. He was attacked while waiting for the welcoming committee. What are they doing? How dare they disrespect the Vatican. His power runs so deep. He is above the top 1%. Stanford needs to respect the elite for power is what makes a man great.

Top 1%

Pictured above: a dead and bloated Stanford admissions monster lies belly up. Stanford Board of Trustees calls goat the friend tomorrow (03/16/2017) and tells him where his dorm is while instructing the appropriate Stanford faculty to deliver the proper paperwork needed for his elite admission.

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