Stanford disrespects the Vatican

Alfa romeo from VERISIGN. Where's Tejadaville? Yeah Atherton!

Pictured above: Goat waits for his Alfa Romeo Giulia and his ticket to Tejadaville (Atherton). Stanford University is in his palm. He was attacked while waiting for the welcoming committee. What are they doing? How dare they disrespect the Vatican. His power runs so deep. He is above the top 1%. Stanford needs to respect the elite for power is what makes a man great.

Man I put all kinds of PUA power, strategy, and work into Catherine but she's a damn weirdo. I gave it my all and put all kinds effort into it. I can't marry a weirdo. Plus I forgot to mention we have so much in common too. It's weird. She's weird. The end. RIP weirdo monster.

That was 100% guaranteed scientifically and proven technically to make her mine. I gave it my all but in the end weirdos are weird. Good grief I am surrounded by weirdos. So technically she's mine but I don't want a weirdo. She needs to clear that up.

root on .com towers over Boxxy. Power and popularity- "the man who owns the internet" right? Domain Journal right? The man who sold for $2.9M someday soon too. Umm, that beats 20,000,000 views. How about 120,000,000 domains? ls /var/named | wc -l # cat|less. The End. OK. Anyway what's wrong with that girl? I kinda like asian women, dude. I like anyone as long as their nice and cute. I'm movin' on.


I can't be with or work with weirdos. Stanford is weird. I know Mindy will make them stop being weird and they will become strange.. Why is Vint Cerf so strange? He's not weird just strange. I don't know. We'll find out wont we.

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