Delta Niger has been defeated.

A bank receipt with a limited serial number.

Delta was the most intense psychopathic ride of my life. Psychopathic legal analysts strategy at every angle. Stalkers at every angle as usual. As my enterprise did business communist Delta used its psychopathic mindset and eventually it got too hot to get a drink. The mob was too intense for me at the Slider bar. Psychopathic legal treachery from Machine Zone, Palantir Technologies, and an evil strip of concrete in front of Apple store.

Apple's kidnapper racket security guards were always on an agenda to utilize the Delta strategy. "Delta" or a greek triangle originates from Palantir's illegal restraining order tactics. It was from an Apple judge at the Santa Clara County courthouse by Hopkins Carley law (Palantir's evil law firm). Machine Zone utilized it at Judge Manley's legal jester Zyprexa murder incarnate. It was a fake sheet of judge paper that read : D(delta) is not to havr any contact with MachineZone. Machine Zone wouldn't hire the power and used security authority racket tactics. All in all an authoritarian regime has been defeated. Death to Tiamat. I want my money though!

A psychopath in a MachineZone backpack did illegal treachery passing by me as did pan to ensnare me in communicating with them. A subsidiary of MachineZone I suspect even appearrd. AN employee of Nola by use of a racket strategy of legal conceptual evil - panning off employees to paint accusational artwork. Psychopaths at the pizza attempted to activate death. I deactivated Stalin immediately. The public was very terrified at what they witnessed.

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