Zyprexa Protection Agent

my car bro! yeahh!

I am gonna take my meds like a good boy and not get diabetes in this illegal attempted murder scheme. Is it or will they back off and not coerce a non-disabled person into taking j-cat medication. They made me a damn j-cat for having depression. it isn't even a mental disorder. Assholes. At least Google will hire me. They love j-cats. Original background! Claimed. Thanks and no thanks.

Chuckie the Jcat man! YEAH but not YEAH!they jumped as i typed assholes but i told myself no swearing. gotta stop that. programming or something huh. ok. make me swear and sound uncouth. how rude of you.

But I brush my teeth and take of myself (brushing your teeth is taking care of yourself) so uhhh. Ok attempted murder. FBI? Hello. RICO act. Murder rackets are illegal. yeahhhhhh man but not yeahhh man! who likes that?!!! DYNASTY MAN! ★ I'm goin' to Stanford!


When they encourage me to do something - I avoid doing that. When they discourage me from doing something - I do it. The end.

Whats with these funny acting kids beside me jumpin around trying to hack my reflexes? Man stop that shit. SHIT eh. Man I'm swearin' too much. Sorry companies. I'm a good boy. I'll take my pills as forced illegally. I'll graduate probation. STARBOY DOES IT ALL! YEAHHH! BUT NOT YEAHH!

Dr. Rath's Blood Sugar Synergy

I laughed at this but I remind myself: Ok you find that funny huh? Right ok. Someone comitted felony obstruction of justice and I ended up having to take this agent against my will. Actually man more than that has been committed. to be real with you all all. The public. No no no. Not criminal threats don't ttry that fake shit. If I sound paranoid it is ok right? I work on not being that right? I'm ok no need to panic. I don't think they're "programming" me. Man I'm ok.

I'm alright. yeah.Goodbye

 Internal Affairs is on to it. They said I'm safe from it so no need for a notice on this blog post informing the audience of it merely being a business blog post or a personal one for us to see. Little kid jumped at me to the left. Jump kids jump! ummmm.hmm.I'm not paranoid. I know for a fact they're not going to force a person with depression to take a antipsychotic. Do I have depression still" My memory is starting to work really well. Panic man. Cash is running out and I'm not in Atherton. That is not good. Atherton is the way of life.  That would be illegal to abduct and force someone who is not ill to take zyprexa or seroquel or anything other than uhhh.. What do I need? I'm over the depression now for real all. All you need is Prozac and it can be used cosmetically to thrive and drive the Alfa Romeo of the king Gilgamesh ! Internet King Brand! YEAH man! STARBOY! Stanford! YEAH. Hey ! yay! alright!


Cherries are an anti diabetic fruit. Peppers man they stabilize blood sugar. I'm ready for that zyprexa just in case it happens. Diabetes Evasion boost up. Should I eat cinnamon? It is said to be anti-diabetic too right? Ok. What about fat? Can you beat fat diabetes? I ate yogurt from Trader Joe's Joe's joes' joes COFFEE MAN! what's that do to blood sugar? I know smoking effects it. Good thing I quit. But I'm on the patch, so there's nicotine in me. Smokers rackets right. Encourage me to smoke right. I tell you I'm not paranoid. If I sound paranoid, sorry. i wont  do that anymore. I'm forced not to. Otherwise the zyprexa monster might come out at me. Maybe I can avoid it! YEAH!Starbucks cinnamon kinda sucks. Bounce kids bounce. Reflexes at me. Hack me up.




Oh no! Brown sugar, oatmeal, Green PEPPER SAUCE though.. Did I beat raisins? I think I did. Tomato with my potato. Weird combo. That waiter was annoying and pestering me. At STACKS here in Menlo Park. Bad service. I had to remind him to work or he'd lose his job.


I'm so sorry! I promise not to swear. I'll try to help it. I can beat swearing. I've been encouraged to swear though at times. Like by one of the jail guards. HERREn right. ok

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