Stanford respects the wealthy

Man they'll bring Atherton in. I'm VIP. Right on in. Constantine Cannon LP is going to respond and that TCR is going to go be pursued in an enforcement action. Right gobierno! GOBIERNO GOBIERNO!


Someone (or is it someTHING? what are we dealing with government?) wanted me to put a caption but I took it off. They used reflex on me. Stop this illegal activity.

Stanford disrespects the Vatican

Pictured above: Goat waits for his Alfa Romeo Giulia and his ticket to Tejadaville (Atherton). Stanford University is in his palm. He was attacked while waiting for the welcoming committee. What are they doing? How dare they disrespect the Vatican. His power runs so deep. He is above the top 1%. Stanford needs to respect the elite for power is what makes a man great.

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