Game over for the Zyprexa murder cartel and RICO terror syndicate.

TCR initiated _


The Operation Pangea Coordination Team acknowledges receipt of your message.

L’équipe de coordination de l’opération Pangea accuse réception de votre message.

El equipo de coordinación de la operación Pangea acusa recepción de su mensaje.

عملية التنسيق  بانجيا فريق يقر باستلام الرسالة

Zyprexa Protection Agent

I am gonna take my meds like a good boy and not get diabetes in this illegal attempted murder scheme. Is it or will they back off and not coerce a non-disabled person into taking j-cat medication. They made me a damn j-cat for having depression. it isn't even a mental disorder. Assholes. At least Google will hire me. They love j-cats. Original background! Claimed. Thanks and no thanks.

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