Gilgamesh @ Inkling

Waiting for the call on the application for Senior Infrastructure Engineer. With a world class resume and root on the global internet infrastructure at 16 combined with his furious engineering capabilities/cutting edge systems engineering power all he has to do is wait for the call. He will sleep soundly knowing the global order will prevent his illegal terrorist abduction as a US citizen. As a senior infrastructure engineer he will have enough gas and ample parking for his blue Ferarri 458 from Government of Liechtenstein's NIC.

Starbucks employee acting suspicious

It's not the first time. Is he racketing or something. What's he scheming - looking at me all smiling deviously and shit. I thought Tiamat was an illusion and stuff. Why is Catie Wayne not responding like a normal human girl? That's SUSPICIOUS MAN. I'm not confused. Nice try. I know it is true. Normal human girls respond. Hey Fuh Bee guyZ over dere at da FBI.gov and shit. Do you have the "Tiamat Files" yet. I think my suspicions about this are true. I can't be paranoid I'm so healthy and there are witnesses...

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